Visits, activities, birthday renting

Visits and activities for groups and schools (only in French and Dutch)

Middle Age is a subject valued by our children. We propose ludic, stimulating and interactive activities designed for youngsters.

Children will participate to an assault on the castle, put on period armors and costumes, discover the early days of artillery, construction techniques, etc.

Mysteries, tales and legends of the Green Billy Goat (VertBouc, in French) will be associated with a thrilling treasure hunt.

This amazing 2 hour visit-activity is only available by reservation. Contact via the “Contact us” rubric.

Knight values! (only in French and Dutch)

Franchimont was a fearsome stronghold for 600 years. In 1800, it was declared destroyed and in ruins. For most of the children, a ruin is a pile of old stones. But those stones have a story to tell and we want to bring the castle back to life again. To do so, we will participate together to a series of role-playing games based on authenticity.


We’ll travel through the hallways of time, back to our 12th century castle.

How did the castle adapt to the evolution of weaponry to the point it became the mightiest castle of the principality?

We’ll participate to an assault on the castle.

We’ll discover the knights, their life, their military training, their code of honor, weapons and a medieval army.

Throughout the diverse buildings of the castle, we’ll get a better understanding of the daily life during this era, a celebration in Franchimont, a tournament…

We’ll listen to the legend of the Green Billy Goat.

We’ll participate to a treasure hunt.

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